Welcome to the UK Union Voice

The UK Union Voice is a pro-UK political page which covers mainstream Scottish political stories as well as main political stories from the rest of the UK.

It operates on the social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

UKUV is anti SNP, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein. However it doesn’t support any one pro-UK party, but all parties opposed to the separatism.

UKUV has no position in regards Brexit – whether it is good or a bad thing for the UK. However, because of the stance assumed by the SNP UKUV does highlight the contradictions spouted by the SNP in regards Brexit and Indy.

UKUV is run by activists from the Scottish Pro-UK Movement. It has no affiliation with any political party or ideology and is neither to the left or right of British politics.

Its prime objective to be a voice for No Voters, be a news resource for unionists and to oppose those seeking to break up the United Kingdom.