The UK Union Voice (UKUV) operates exclusively on social media.

It can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.


UKUV is a political NEWS page that covers both Scotland AND the rest of the UK. It’s a news service if you like, for the pro UK/unionist movement. It gathers all the main news from both Scotland and the UK so you don’t have to trawl multiple websites and pages etc.

THE UKUV TEAM: The UKUV team is made up of voters and supporters from all the mainstream parties. It has English, Irish, of course Scots, and half a Welshman in its ranks. (This is ONE of the reasons behind the name… it really IS voices from across the entire UK!).

Politically the UKUV team is made up of Tory, Lib Dems and Scot Lab voters and supporters – but all have sworn to act with party neutrality, putting the Union first.

POLITICAL STANCE: UKUV has no party affiliations and supports neither left nor right political thinking. We are party neutral except for Indy parties such as the SNP and Greens, Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru as we are opposed to breaking up the UK.

UKUV predominantly concentrates on Scottish political news, but does cover the main UK news. It does this on the sound media principle of “No fear, no favour!”. In other words, coverage of the political news includes both the good AND bad stories of the political parties.

Why? Because it isn’t up to UKUV to tell you which party to support. We give you the information to make your OWN mind up on the issues that are presented.

Having a party neutral stance allows UKUV to criticise pro-UK parties where needed and oppose their sometimes, stupid ideas and positions.

As already mentioned however, UKUV’s aim is to defend the UK and help get rid of the SNP from power. So, we support ALL pro-UK mainstream parties during elections in our collective effort to get rid of the threat of Indy and the SNP.

INDY: We are opposed to independence, home rule and federalism. We believe it is time to stop appeasing the nationalists by giving Holyrood more powers (at least until it can show it can run both its existing and new powers responsibly and for the betterment of ALL in the UK).

BREXIT: UKUV does not have a stance on Brexit, whether it is a good or bad thing. We do, however have a stance on the SNP using Brexit as an excuse to break up the UK.

And as such, we have been running a long running campaign to show the sheer contradictions in the SNP EU stance.

OTHER ORGANISATIONS: We freely associate with other like-minded groups within the pro-UK side and work closely with them on a range of issues and campaigns, both behind closed doors with lobbying and openly on social media, the street and other media. However, UKUV is its own thing in its own right and runs to its own beat.

WHAT WE DO NOT SUPPORT: UKUV is against far right and far left extremism, racism, sexism, homophobia and any other extreme viewpoints. We are democrats and oppose any intimidation or violence in political discourse whatsoever.